Report from New Britain

This report comes from new ATM correspondent Doug, from Manchester, Conn. He writes:

I was at the Eastern League game Saturday between New Britain and Connecticut
(Norwich), and the top of the 1st inning featured three walks and four stolen
bases, including a straight steal of home.  Not a botched squeeze play, not a
delayed steal, just flat-out swiped it.  I imagine that doesn’t happen too
often, especially in Double-A.  The Defenders wound up with six total SB for the
game and won 10-0.  They had been having trouble scoring runs in their first few
games (had a 45-inning scoreless streak early last week), so some aggressive
managing on the base paths ended up working for them.

Here’s the play-by-play.  Note that
Requena walked to lead off the game and then stole himself all the way

1  Alex Requena walks. 

2  With John
Bowker batting, Alex Requena steals (5) 2nd base. 
2  John Bowker flies out to right
fielder Matthew Allegra. 
3  Brian Horwitz walks. 
4  With Eddy Martinez-Esteve batting, Alex Requena steals (6)
3rd base. Brian Horwitz steals (2) 2nd base.
4  Eddy Martinez-Esteve
strikes out swinging. 
5  Carlos Sosa walks. 
6  With Stephen Holm batting, Alex Requena steals (7) home. 

6  Stephen Holm
strikes out swinging. 

Just thought I’d pass it along as "unusual."

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