TRAVELBLOGUE: Eastlake and Erie

Better late than never, no? This one is going to be on the brief side. Not because I didn’t enjoy my visits to the Lake County Captains or the Erie SeaWolves. I just didn’t have time to explore either locale beyond the ballpark.

That being said, Classic Park in Eastlake is one of the nicest of the new Minor League parks out there. Talk to anyone on the low-A team knows they have it good — the other stadia in the South Atlantic League don’t measure up (though I haven’t seen all of them, to be fair). It’s not even bells and whistles, it’s just a great place to watch a ballgame. There’s no bad seat and there are more of them (seats) than in most parks at this level. If you’re heading to Cleveland, try to stop by — it’s only a stone’s throw away and well worth the trip.

Jerry Uht Park is a downtown stadium built back in 1995 and could very well be the model some of the newer downtown parks around the minors we’ve been seeing lately. In the end, it’s not a bad park, it’s not a great park. It was packed with kids, which was nice. The press box is slightly off-center, down the third base line, which made it feel a little bit like a football stadium. Even though it’s been open only since ’95, it felt more retro — maybe just in comparison to Classic Park — again, not a bad thing, not a good thing. I’d say it was OK overall.

Lisa will be with you later in the week with what I’m sure will be a much better travelblogue…

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