FSL correspondent

Chris Tunno checks in with this information about a future star:

It?s not every day you get to see greatness develop, which is what makes
the minor leagues so special.

Having been on vacation, I was able to stop and see the Daytona Cubs
hosting the Lakeland Tigers on Saturday night at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. The previous night, it took Lakeland 17
innings to knock off the Cubs 6-5 in a game that elapsed just under five

Over the years, Jackie Robinson Ballpark has undergone several
renovations, but none more obvious than the attempt to sell beer. On this particular Saturday night, with a
great crowd on hand for fireworks, beer lines went quick and fast as there must
have been 10 to 12 stands open in a 30-yard area. With 32 oz. cups going for $5.50, one can
only imagine what kind of party they?re going to throw when hosting the Florida
State League All-Star game on June 16th on what will probably be a
100-degree night in June.

Tigers upcoming pitching phenom Andrew Miller was slated to get the start
on Saturday. However, when a 6-foot-7 pitcher took the mound wearing No. 27 as
listed in the program, it was Andrew Kohn, not Andrew Miller.

That was all right because Cameron Maybin was playing centerfield and
batting third for Lakeland. Maybin is
the future centerfielder of the Tigers and, just by looking at him, a man among
boys out on the field. The kid runs like
a gazelle, has exploding arm action and carries himself with the presence of a
major leaguer.

In the first inning, with two outs, Maybin dropped a bunt and it wasn?t
even close. It was chasing a cheetah
shot out of a cannon. The Cubs looked
shocked when Maybin squared and Kyle Reynolds barely got off a late throw, if
anything, for effect. It wasn?t long
before he swiped second and came home on a hit. One batter later, Ryan Roberson launched a two-run home run last seen
heading toward Jacksonville and the Tigers led 3-0. That?s the kind of presence Maybin
brings. All it took was a bunt and a
little hustle and the Tigers busted open a 3-0 lead.

Granted, these Lakeland Flying Tigers aren?t particularly good at holding
a lead as Daytona stormed back to turn a 6-1 deficit into a 9-7 victory
thrilling the near sell out crowd on hand.

From what I saw, Mr. Maybin may well be on the fast track to
Detroit. The 20-year old Carolinian was
hitting .312 with four home runs 17 RBI and 11 stolen bases following the

He can do it all, it?s just a matter of when, not if, when if comes to
promotion. I figure he?ll be exciting
the crowds in Erie once the weather warms up in the lake effect region of the

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