Kevin C. heads to Everett

I?m back for another day of blogging here from the Pacific Northwest. Today started with a trip to the Space Needle because that?s what you do when you?re
in Seattle? Right? Well, I went to the top and it was pretty cool. Now, it?s not
as high as the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center [I made several
trips to the top of those buildings before you know] but at better than 600 feet
it was impressive. You can see all of the city, the mountains and the harbor and
it?s all so peaceful.
Mount Baker, an active volcano, was visible today. According to the tour
guide, you can only see it 50 or 60 days out of the year so I was fortunate. And
Mount Rainier was stunning. There was fog around the base so it appeared as if
it were floating off in the distance. I wish I had a camera.
As for the baseball, the trip up I-5 to Everett was quick and scenic. I
gotta tell you, Seattle is a great jumping off point to see some Minor League
Ball. Everett, Tacoma, Yakima, Vancouver and, to some degree, Portland are all
within driving distance. A few days up here make for a very special baseball
Everett Memorial Stadium is a nice little place, much like the parks I?ve
been to in the New York-Penn League. The difference here is that the right field
wall is set back  from the remainder of the fence with a portion of the wall ?
about 40 feet ? set at a 45-degree angle. I?m sure that makes for some
interesting hops and caroms.
The view over the fence reminded me of the ballparks I visited when I was
in Utah two years ago. The Cascade Mountains can be seen beyond the fence and
offer a stunning setting.
I came up here to speak with reliever Nick Hill and wasn?t disappointed. A
West Point grad, Hill is one of those special athletes who went to the USMA
knowing that there were no guarantees of playing professionally. Not that there
are any more guarantees if you play anywhere else but playing at West Point does
limit your options, at least as far as post-college athletics is concerned.
When I worked for a newspaper several years ago, I had the privilege of
covering Army football. I covered the team when it was bad and when it went to a
bowl game and the thing that struck me the most was how great the players were.
Whether they won 30-0 or lost 30-0 they were the same in the interview room ?
polite, respectful and always willing to give a thoughtful, insightful answer.
I was reminded of that talking with Hill because he addressed me as sir, as
the football players did, even though the only rank I held over him was the fact
that I am some 20 years older. It was refreshing for me. I have the utmost
respect for people who attend the academies because it?s something that always
intrigued me. I never had the courage ? or the Congressional nomination ? to
actually act on it, though.
So long for now. Catch up with you tomorrow in Tacoma. <p>

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When does the Arizona fall league rosters get Announced?

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