Jeffress gone for 50

Evidently, today is suspend the prospect day. First, it was Matt West (see below), who got caught with performance enhancers. Now it’s Brewers pitching prospect Jeremy Jeffress who’ll be gone, but perhaps not forgotten.

He wasn’t caught with performance enhancers, though. The 2006 first-round pick was popped for a "drug of abuse." That’s all the official release says, but I’m guessing most of you are willing to guess.

In case you were wondering, that brings the unofficial total of minor league suspensions to 21. Here’s the list of those other than West and Jeffress, with name, team, length of suspension, kind of suspension (PE – performance enhancer/DA – drug of abuse) for most and age of the player for most as well:

Juan Valdes, Cle, 50 games, PE,
James Houser, TB, 50 games, PE,
Donnie Sadler, Ari, 50 games, DA,
Thomas King, FA, 50 games, DA,
Angel Salome, Mil, 50 games, PE,
Sergio Garcia, LAD, 100 games, PE,
Matt Childers, Phi, 50 games, ??,
Brandon Monk, Atl, 50 games, PE,
Lino Urdaneta, NYM, 50 games, PE,
Francisco Cruceta, Tex, 50 games,
PE, 26
Jorge Reyes, NYM, 100 games, PE,
Lou Santangelo, Hou, 50 games, PE,
Jonathan Figueroa, LAD, 50 games,
PE, 23
Cedrick Brooks, FA, 50 games, DA,
Tyrone Wilson, KC, 50 games, failing
to take, 19
Anthony Swarzak, Min, 50 games, DA,
Hector Made, Phi, 50 games, PE,
Leonard Landeros, Oak, 50 games, DA,
Maikol Mesa, NYM, 50 games, PE,

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