Lisa Winston, Kevin Czerwinski and Jonathan Mayo are all on location covering the beginning of the Minor League playoffs. They are all blogging on site about the respective series they are covering.

Kevin C. reports from Durham:

Well, it’s just after 6 p.m. and the gates opened here at Athletic Park.
I’m hearing rumblings about the crowd not being so great which is surprising
considering they had some record-setting attendance this year. My first
impressions of the park are certainly positive. It’s a nice venue that
celebrates the organization’s rich history. That’s nice to see. The big bull is
out hovering over the left-field scoreboard and there are reminders of the
team’s past everywhere, from the elevators to the gift shop and the concourse.
This franchise should thank Kevin Costner every year.
As for the baseball, it will be interesting to see if the Bulls can snap
the Toledo stranglehold on the International League. It should be a well-pitched
series. Whether the Mud Hens can respond at the plate is a big question without
Mike Hessman and Timo Perez in the lineup. Let the games begin.

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