Why we love the Winter Meetings…

There are many reasons… but atop that list has to be the "baseball people watching." For me, it started even before I left my hometown airport in Pittsburgh. There were some Pirates front office people on my flight down, some folks from the Blue Jays (some of their guys hail from the Burgh)…Sitting on the plane was a sight to behold. Sitting right in front of me: legendary manager Chuck Tanner. Right across the aisle from him? Tigers skipper Jim Leyland. You couldn’t ask for a better precursor to the Winter Meetings. Lisa and I will try to blog as often as we can with what we’re seeing and hearing, especially when it comes to what we’re really focusing on, the Rule 5 draft. — Jonathan


What day is the draft this year? I’ve been trying to find that but have come up empty when I’ve looked. I’m totally stoked about it myself.

Thursday, our coverage starts at 10 a.m. ET.

But since I think Earth may be visiting us in Nashville, that would be 9 a.m. “our time” … (this says it’s posted by Jonathan but it’s really by Lisa!)

Oh you sneaky trickster! Posing as Jonathan when you’re actually Lisa…will the shenanigans/chicanery e’er end?

(Btw, I’m feeling a LOT better! Thanks for making me stay around!)

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