The Deal, she is done

So now we can finally move ahead to counting the days until pitchers and catchers report and actually know where the best pitcher in baseball (IMHO) will be hanging his uni this spring.

Do I think the Twins got the best package that had ever been on the table? No. Do I think they got the one with least return? No, again. (Strictly based on the names we’d seen bandied about since November/December I think the Yankees probably offered the most at one point but I still like this better than any Red Sox deal that did not include either Jacoby Ellsbury or Clay Buchholz).

(Frankly, I still think the best package of prospects given up this off-season was the sextet the Diamondbacks sent to the Athletics)

The Mets did what they had to do after an inactive off-season and a momentous late-season collapse. There is no way they couldn’t have made this deal and kept the fans happy, even if they had to give up so much they would have gone into 2008 with only three full-season Minor League teams instead of four.

And they won’t be the first team to try to contend for post-season with virtually no elite reinforcements ready to step in should the 25-man roster falter.

I think a lot of eyes will be on Carlos Gomez. He’s got a ton of talent though he’s flown under the radar somewhat since the acquisition of Fernando Martinez … I’m not sure the organization didn’t inadvertently do him a disservice when they skipped him past St. Lucie and right from Hagerstown to Binghamton in 2006 though. I wonder if he could have used an extra full-season at more of a high development to work on the little things. As it is now, he may end up learning on the job in center field in Minnesota.

And meanwhile, I think the Twins picked up some nice depth to add to an already interesting bunch of young arms (remember they should be getting Francisco Liriano back soon, and keep an eye on rookie Nick Blackburn). While 18-year-old Deolis Guerra was the key to the deal, Kevin Mulvey could be a sleeper wild card in this deal with much more immediate impact.

Here is a link to more info on the quartet picked up by Minnesota. — Lisa

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