Super what?

Lisa here …

I figured I’d just check in and chat a bit since it seems like for some strange reason, with pitchers and catchers just over a week away from reporting to spring training, all anyone seems to want to talk about today is football.

Jonathan posted several worthy blog and book links, and I just wanted to add a few more of my own (although I’m not the technical wizard he is so not sure I’m doing it right) with two links in particular I want to pass along …

Jonathan mentioned the awesome Jamey Newberg’s work, so this is sort of in relation to that … is one of my absolute favorite blogs, "Girls Don’t Know Anything About Baseball" (and I am sure I am setting myself up for some comments about that). The author, who writes under the pen name Marla Hooch (and if you don’t get the connection you definitely need to do some googling and DVD renting), is, like Jamey Newberg, a diehard Texas Rangers fan but, also like the Newberg Report, there is something for everyone in her blog, which ranges from insight into the Texas system (Majors and Minors) to all manner of pop culture.

I’m guessing from many things she’s alluded to that we have a lot more in common than just being diehard Minor League fans (I especially loved a mid-summer column with all sorts of Beatles references). But I don’t know for sure because I’ve never met her nor do I know who she is … maybe this summer at a Rangers Minor League game?

Another favorite site is The Baseball Analysts ( which has such a glut of great reads at any given moment that I have to be careful to only visit it when I have plenty of time to kill or next thing I know, it will be two hours later and I’ll have no idea where the time went.

Anyway, speaking of great reads (insert smiley emoticon here) it’s time for me to get back to work on some upcoming packages for our site, so that I can be done in time to go eat chicken wings and pretend I know something about football. But inside? I’ll be counting the minutes until the game clock ticks away and we can officially welcome baseball season.

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Lisa: To know Marla Hooch (aka Eleanor Czajka — pronounced CHA-ka) is to love her. You realy need to take in a Frisco RoughRiders game with that lady.

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