And just one more thing: Brewers

Kevin Czerwinski’s Brewers preview is now live on Milwaukee’s got a terrific system that continues to feed top-notch players to the big-league club. Kevin C. decided to go with a little speed for his "And just one more thing" choice:

Lee Haydel, OF: Speed causes havoc in baseball. It causes excitement, even when it involves a

player who generally isn’t that gifted. I remember one game involving Esix Snead
when I was still covering the Mets. He made a mad dash around the bases one
September evening and he lit up the ballpark. Such areLhaydel the results brought about
by quickness. Which leads us to Lee Haydel, an outfielder the Brewers took in
the 19th round as a draft and follow in 2006 from Delgado Community College in
Louisiana. This guy moves around the bases like a lightning bolt. He stole 12
bases in 17 attempts last year at Helena of the Pioneer League and also
collected five triples. Haydel needs to be more patient at the plate, though, as
he collected only 12 walks and posted a .311 OBP. He’s an above average
outfielder as well, covering huge chunks of earth. He’ll likely head to West
Virginia this season, where it will be interesting to see if he develops into an
Endy Chavez-type or follow the career path of the esteemed Mr. Snead.

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