And just one more thing: Pirates

Lisa Winston checks in with the Pirates preview. Here’s the bonus coverage:

Pedro Powell, OF: Truth be told, the Pirates have one of the shallower systems so pretty much all

of their best prospects made the list. But I have to write a little here about
one of my favorite underdogs, outfielder Pedro Powell. The
18th-rounder from 2003 out of high school in Georgia is
officially listed at 5-foot-7 and that?s probably a few inches generous. On
tiptoes. And a phonebook. But ****, the guy can fly. This is goingPpowell to be a make
or break year for the center fielder (and protégé of likely starting Pittsburgh
center fielder Nyjer Morgan), as he has to show the Pirates that he can reach
base enough to make those steals happen on a regular basis. He holds a somewhat
dubious record of leading the Carolina League in steals two years in a row, with
63 in 2006 and 67 in 2007, but his average dipped from .263 the first time
around to .241 last summer due to a mid-season slump. His on-base average was
just .325 so he needs to bump that up. He is so much fun to watch that I am
really hoping he does it.

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