And just one more thing: Mets

My Mets preview is up and running. The Mets will have you believe that it’s not as barren as one would think, following the Santana trade. Only time will tell, but it’s not exactly robust these days. That being said, there are some intriguing names, particularly lower in the system. With that in mind…

Richard Lucas, 3B: The best way for the Mets to rebuild is through scouting and signing young players, both through the draft and internationally. The Mets do deserve some kudos for taking some chances on high school guys in this last draft, something that a team who can afford to be patient should do. Lucas was nabbed in the fourth round and signed away from his commitment to Florida State. His numbers in the GCL don’t say a whole lot, but the Mets are excited about his potential. He’s got ability on both sides of the ball and should grow into enough power to stay at third. Defensively, he’s fine there as well. It’s not like Lucas will be rushing to compete with David Wright any time soon, but he’s a guy who should be in the recesses of Mets’ fans minds for the future.

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