And just one more thing: Rangers

Kevin’s Rangers preview was posted on Sunday. Texas has put together one of the deepest systems in baseball, so he had no trouble coming up with an extra player to discuss.

Ben Henry, RHP: Ben Henry is an impressive kid. That the Rangers thought enough to draft him in
the 30th round last season from a South Carolina High School should tell you
what you need to know about him as an athlete. But what you don’t see on the
stat sheet is that he gave up an appointment to Annapolis in order to sign with
Texas. That’s right, the kid was going to the Naval Academy but decided to head
to the Lone Star state instead. Actually, he went to Arizona, where he went 0-4
with a 7.07 ERA in 28 innings. Keep an eye on him, though. That he was willing
to go to Annapolis, especially in a time of war, says something about him. That
he opted not to go to the academy is neither here nor there. Simply being
nominated and accepted is an accomplishment, one that can’t be take lightly.

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