And just one more thing: Nationals

Kevin weighs in with his Nationals preview. It’s a system that’s definitely on the rise thanks to some trades and outstanding drafting. Here’s Kevin’s extra man:Sking

, INF:
  No mystery here, this King can play. He’s got a bit of pop in his

bat, probably
enough to account for 15-20 homers a season. But he can’t focus
too much on hitting homers because it takes away from the rest of what he’s
trying to do at the plate. He hit 11 homers in 313 at-bats at three different
levels last season, a healthy enough number. But the .180 he hit in 128 Sally
League at-bats is what stands out the most. He also fanned once every 2.98
at-bats which is clearly a number no one wants to see. If he can figure
out his place and not get too carried away with swinging for the fences, this
third-round selection could be a nice addition someday in Washington


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