And just one more thing: Indians

Kevin’s got the Indians preview today. Still a pretty deep system, even if it doesn’t have the elite prospects it once had. Here’s Kevin’s extra guy:

Joe Mahalic, RHP: Right-hander Joe Mahalic
could have gone to Oregon State and played for theJmahalic

two-time defending national champion Beavers but opted to turn pro after the
Tribe grabbed him in the 32nd round. He was arguably the best high school
pitcher in the Pacific Northwest over the last
two seasons and was also a solid basketball and football player. He rewarded Cleveland for its faith
by going 2-0 with a 4.88 ERA in seven Gulf Coast League games. It’s a small
body of work to be sure but Mahalic showed promise. And, the people looking
after him in Cleveland will take better care of his career than the folks at OSU. I’ve watched the
last two College World Series tournaments and seen how head coach Pat Casey
burns out his pitchers. With Cleveland
he’ll learn how to pitch. At OSU, he’d simply be fed into the machine in an
effort to get the Beavers another title.


Hi Jonathan and Lisa,

Sorry to post this on the Indians’ page, but I have a question about 2B Eugenio Velez and don’t think you have yet reported on the Giants’ system. I am curious as to whether you feel he has a shot at contributing this year and if you think he has a chance to start. I’m thinking about drafting him in the late rounds of my very deep fantasy team and am hoping to pick up some cheap steals. I am also curious about his glove as Errors are a category in my league.

I’m really enjoying the podcasts, the Top 50 Prospects and the Fantasy Preview pages. My league drafts minor leaguers for $5 and we can keep the for years. It’s a dynasty league where a deep farm system is needed to succeed. The pre-season content here has been very helpful. However, I am having some trouble finding Velez’s minor league stats on the site. I am wondering how many times he has been caught stealing in the last few seasons.

Thanks. Hope you can make it to a Seadogs game this year.

Mark from Maine of Queens

Hey Mark —

Sorry it took so long to get to your comment. I think he has a real shot at contributing and could fit into a team that will have to manufacture runs. I hope they move him around a lot. He definitely would be a cheap source of steals.

For the record, Velez stole 54 bases in 2007 and was caught 17 times. He then went 14-for-15 in the AFL last fall. Defensively, he played 62 games in the outfield and made five errors. He played 31 games at second and made four errors there (this is all Double-A). He played in just 18 game in Triple-A and the big leagues, so I don’t think that says anything…Hope that helps.

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