And just one more thing: Twins

Lisa’s back with Sunday’s Twins preview (sorry for the delay in posting this one — you know, family obligations and all). They may have traded Johan Santana away, but there’s still plenty to talk about down on the farm — even more than usual because of the aforementioned traded. Here’s Lisa’s bonus coverage:

Tommy Watkins, INF: Can
you hold elected office in two places at once? If so, Twins utility infielderTwatkins

Tommy Watkins might be able to get voted in as mayor in both Rochester,
home of the Triple-A Red Wings, and Fort Myers,
where he was born, raised and spends every year at Minnesota’s Spring Training camp. Minor
league games on the Fort Myers
backfield are often a Watkins family affair with more vested
fans than one usually sees at those events. 

are few more popular players in the system with fans and teammates than the
27-year-old Watkins. That goes a long way to explaining why, when his promotion
to the big leagues after eight-plus Minor League seasons was announced in the
Rochester clubhouse last year by then-GM Terry Ryan, there was not a dry eye in
the room.

his nine seasons, the 5-foot-8 200-pounder has played every position except
catcher, though he can most often be found in the middle infield. A 38th-round
pick in 1998, he was hitting .272 with eight homers, 49 RBIs in 12 steals when
promoted. He batted .357 in nine games with the Twins before ending the season
on the DL.

now, he could make the big club as a backup or could go back to Rochester to start the
year. Either way, you can be pretty sure that Watkins’ long-term future in a
Twins uniform in some capacity is pretty much a given.

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