And just one more thing: Padres

And, for the grand finale, Kevin’s got the Padres preview. It’s a system that’s improved lately, and Kevin’s got a pitcher relatively new to the organization for our final AJOMT:

Will Inman, RHP: There were some folks in
the San Diego hierarchy that were unimpressed with whatWinman
they say out of Will
Inman after he joined the organization following the mid-season trade that
brought him from Milwaukee. To point to his 3-3 record and 4.17 ERA in seven
starts with San Antonio and say boy was that bland isn’t being fair considering he was 1-5 with a 5.45
ERA in eight starts for Double-A Huntsville before the deal. One scout I spoke
to said Inman looked tired and that could have been the case. It’s difficult to
argue with his body of work prior to his Double-A meltdown. He was 20-5 in 47
Minor League appearances (38 starts) with a 1.77 ERA in 233 1/3 innings. He
also had a strikeout-to-walk ratio of nearly five-to-one. Perhaps he just
needed some time adjusting to the better hitters in Double-A. Before anyone
rushes to judgement, give Inman this season to see what everything is all about.


All Yankees fans that also notice how the media is writing off the Yankees this season while they portray the sox to be the favorites while they have similar issues as us…go to and read “Anti-Yankee Media” which has facts that prove the media wrong.

Hey Jonathan and Lisa,

Thanks for the report of Eugenio Velez. It was very helpful. As expected, he went for $3 in my draft. Just not to me unfortunately. One of those momentary lapses of insanity often associated with fantasy drafts took over and I am now the proud owner of a $1 Jonny Gomes who took the spot Velez would have filled.

However, I?m writing now to discuss some guys I did get in my draft and hopefully get your opinion on them, Below is a list of 15 prospects who I will own at $5 for three years once they begin their major league time. The thing is, I?ll probably need to drop 4 or 5 over the course of the season and I?m hoping you can help me decide who. My league is a dynasty league so I?m looking to keep the guys with the biggest upside with emphasis on power and speed. How close they are to a full time role in the bigs is important, but secondary. Also, Errors is a category in my league, so if any of the middle infielders has a good glove, that would be nice to know too.

I?ve been an avid ATM listener/viewer for years and used the ATM podcasts over the last month to help with my draft prep (though I still miss the old 1 hour version). You?ll also notice a few of the names were on the Top 50 list as well as the 100 best fantasy prospects. Thanks for all your help.

Go Seadogs!

Mark from Maine of Queens /

The List:
Stephen Pearce,
Matt Antonelli,
Brett Lillibridge,
Bryan Anderson,
Beau Mills,
Matt Latos,
Will Inmann (appropriately enough),
Tyler Robertson,
Jensen Lewis,
Jaime Garcia,
Tyler Colvin,
Brandon Jones,
Alcides Escobar,
Justin Maxwell,
Kyle Blanks.

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