Master of his domain

Clearwater won’t start the Minor League season until Thursday but I got to
sit and watch the
Thumbnail image for pitching spring training vs pirates 030308.jpg team go through BP and infield drills this afternoon at Bright
House field. It was fun watching a team actually prepare for something
meaningful. The Threshers were playing an exhibition game later in the evening
against a group of Philadelphia players who are in extended spring training.
Before the game I had the chance to sit in the clubhouse with last year’s top
pick, Joe Savery, and the discussion turned to something about him that no one

“I can quote every Seinfeld episode word for word,” Savery said. “I watch
Seinfeld every day. I’m just a Seinfeld kind of guy. I watch that and
SportsCenter. I even saw Seinfeld live. I might

even wear my Seinfeld t-shirt in
here one day.
“I love the episode where Kramer sees Joe DiMaggio in the coffee shop. Or
the one where George has a man give him a massage. Or how about the one with
Donna Chang. I love that episode.” — Kevin C.

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