Jays jabber

Brett Cecil, whom Toronto selected with the 38th pick in last season’s
draft, is slated to make
Thumbnail image for brett_cecil.jpg his season debut tonight for Dunedin. I had the chance
to sit down with Cecil for about a half hour Friday afternoon and he proved to
be an honest, engaging guy. Most players I’ve encountered usually sugar talk
about their injuries or are very secretive but Cecil was pretty open about his
shoulder bothering and even fessed up to getting a cortisone shot, which is
something that the organization didn’t let on to.
Now granted, I didn’t ask anyone in the front office about a cortisone shot
and I probably should have. But by now, I’m relying on someone mentioning it to
me when I speak with that person so Cecil gets props for that. He’s only
scheduled to throw two innings or 35 pitches, whichever comes first.
Last week when I spoke to Detroit prospect Cale Iorg, he mentioned his
affinity for George Washington. Jonathan Mayo, my esteemed colleague, went to
great lengths to find a picture of our founding father to throw into my blog so
I’m hoping he can do the same for Cecil, who said he’d love to have dinner with
Brandon Lee if he could.
brandon_lee.jpgThe late actor and son of martial arts superstar Bruce Lee was a person for
whom Cecil has a great deal of respect. I’m always interested to hear who
players would pick to meet from history and this one certainly caught me by
“He wanted to do his own kind of movies,” Cecil said. “He was an
independent person and a great actor. I really liked his acting, the way he was
able to change in character. He did that pretty well. He didn’t want to be know
only as Bruce Lee’s son.”
As for getting back into game action, Cecil hasn’t pitched in nearly three
weeks, he said he’s not anxious, just excited. When he was throwing this spring,
he said he had been working on getting ahead in the count earlier with greater
frequency while using his fastball so look for that tonight.
“Usually I’d throw a first-pitch changeup or curveball to get ahead,” he
said. “But I’m going to try and get ahead with my fastball and work both sides
of the plate.” — Kevin C.

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