New name, slightly different schtick

ATM: He Said, She Said is gone, but certainly not forgotten. It was time to take things in a new direction.

Don’t look at this like a split, like a rock band breaking up to do solo albums. It’s not like that at all. Think of it more like spinoffs. ATM was like the Minor League “All in the Family” and now we’ll have versions of “The Jeffersons” and “Maude.” This will be my domain from now on. Lisa Winston will have her own blog and I’ll pass along that information when I have it. Frequent contributor Kevin Czerwinski is up and running with his blog, Minor Leagues, Major Thoughts. Check it out — he’ll have great news and insights over the course of the year as well.

As for me, I’ll be doing the same thing, just hopefully more of it, reporting from the exotic locales of the Minor Leagues, weighing in news and trends and trying to get some interactivity going with polls and questions, etc.

So hope you enjoy our new trifecta and don’t be bashful about weighing in on anything. For starters: What do folks think about the new B3 branding effort?


Hey Jonathan and Lisa,

Thanks for the report of Eugenio Velez. It was very helpful. As expected, he went for $3 in my draft. Just not to me unfortunately. One of those momentary lapses of insanity often associated with fantasy drafts took over and I am now the proud owner of a $1 Jonny Gomes who took the spot Velez would have filled.

However, I?m writing now to discuss some guys I did get in my draft and hopefully get your opinion on them, Below is a list of 15 prospects who I will own at $5 for three years once they begin their major league time. The thing is, I?ll probably need to drop 4 or 5 over the course of the season and I?m hoping you can help me decide who. My league is a dynasty league so I?m looking to keep the guys with the biggest upside with emphasis on power and speed who will probably begin seeing MLB time by in 2009. How close they are to a full time role in the bigs is important, but secondary. Also, Errors is a category in my league, so if any of the middle infielders has a good glove, that would be nice to know too.

I?ve been an avid ATM listener/viewer for years and used the ATM podcasts over the last month to help with my draft prep (though I still miss the old 1 hour version). You?ll also notice a few of the names were on the Top 50 list as well as the 100 best fantasy prospects. Thanks for all your help.

Go Seadogs!

Mark from Maine of Queens

The List:
Stephen Pearce
Matt Antonelli
Brett Lillibridge
Bryan Anderson
Beau Mills
Matt Latos
Will Inmann
Tyler Robertson
Jensen Lewis
Jaime Garcia
Tyler Colvin
Brandon Jones
Alcides Escobar
Justin Maxwell
Kyle Blanks

I can try to get more in depth at another time, but if I were going to pick out four guys to cut, it’d probably would be:

Jensen Lewis
Alcides Escobar (though he does have a pretty good glove)
Jaime Garcia
The fourth one is tough, I’d probably say either Lillibridge or Inman, though I like both of them to a degree, especially since Lillibridge can run and is close to being big-league ready.

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