The Beckham era is under way

Time: 7:11
Inning: Bottom 1
Situation: One out, no one on
Outcome: Infield hit.

Had the chance to talk with both Beckahms (Tim and older brother Jeremy, who wasn’t in the lineup) prior to the game and both were engaging and intelligent. Both, needless to say, were a bit excited for the game to get going.

As for the first at-bat, Beckham faced Mike Lehman, a Royals right-hander who was taken in the 20th round of the 2007 draft who put up some decent numbers in the rookie-level Arizona League last summer. He got a nice hand from the home crowd, but you get the feeling that most here in Princeton didn’t quite get what the big deal was, which is really as it should be. Tim Beckham would like nothing more than to be just “one of the team” for the time being.

After taking a first pitch for ball one, Beckham hit a bounder up the middle. Burlington 2B Angel Franco was able to backhand it, but Beckham easily beat the throw for his first professional hit. Someday, he’ll tell his grandkids it was a screaming line drive. So far, he’s batting 1.000. He came around to score his first pro run later in the inning.I’ll be back later for his next AB.

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