Bay not a Ray … yet

As the deadline quickly approaches, rumors were abuzz that Jason Bay was headed to Tampa in return for shortstop Reid Brignac and pitcher Jeff Niemann. But not so fast.

A source has told me there is no done deal… yet. One of the above names has not been made available. I’ve got no confirmation on this, but my guess is that Brignac is the one the Rays won’t part with.

More as this develops…


Every year some wealthier team raids Pittsburgh for one of their key players; and this season, it’s no different.
Pirates fans, I really feel for your franchise. It defies logic why Pirates management trades its best players year after year. Pittsburgh hasn’t had a .500 season since MC Hammer’s days, when he was wowing audiences in the early nineties.
Pirates supporters deserve to have a winning team; and I’m surprised heads haven’t rolled in that Pennsylvania town. How much longer can you all take?
What needs to change along the the Three Rivers for Pittsburgh to recapture its glory days? Follow the Angels m model?

OK, first off, it’s a different management. You can’t fault Neal Huntington and company for the past 15 years of losing. What they are trying to do is turn things around and while the Pirates have played this game before, I think they’re playing it the right way now. They actually got decent players in return with their trades this time. You can break it down however you want, but 8 players who have big-league futures is a nice haul and suddenly the organization has depth.

Yes, things need to change and while only time will tell if these deals work towards that goal, I think things are headed in the right direction. The Angels model? Are you joking? Yes, they have a core of homegrown players and that’s important as well. But the Angels have a payroll of close to $120 million and do things like augment their homegrown guys with Vlad Guerrero and Torii Hunter, not to mention the newly acquired Mark Teixeira. Even if you want to criticize the Pirates management for not putting enough money into the team, there’s no way they could up their budget to that in this market. Now, if you wanted to say they needed to follow the Rays model ($43 mil), the A’s (who’ve made it a science in turning big-leaguers into young talent and stay competitive — they were at $47 mil at the start of the year) or maybe the Indians (where Huntington came from — yes, they struggled this year, but they’ve been competitive and were at $78 mil — high for them — at the start of the yer), then your argument would hold more water, in my opinion.

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