Catching up…

Back from vacay now and wanted to pass along a few things, now that I’ve settled back into reality and recovered from the draft signing deadline.

The main thing was my experience at the third annual Futures at Fenway. I attended the first one, but not the 2007 version, and I was happy to go back. Much like the first Road to Wrigley game (read Lisa Winston’s post about her trip there), it taps into a crazy fan base that will watch anything that has anything to do with the parent club. Fenway was packed again to watch Lowell and Pawtucket play in a doubleheader. No great prospects, but 36,000 or so people didn’t seem to mind. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — every team that has the geographic ability to do this sort of thing really should. It’s great for the fans, great for the Minor Leaguers, really a win-win for everyone involved. Working on getting the video posted here, but for now, you can go to, click on the Multimedia tab under the top story area, and click on the link for the Futures at Fenway feature.

We’ve got some serious playoff races going on around the Minors. We’ll have previews for every league in due time. There are five possible clinchings today:

International League: Louisville clinches the West division with a win or Toledo loss.  Watch the Bats game on MiLB.TV.

Pacific Coast League: Sacramento clinches Pacific South with a win and a Las Vegas loss. Listen to the River Cats game on Gameday Audio.

Florida State League: Dunedin clinches West with win.

Appalachian League: Pulaski clinches East with win or Danville loss; Elizabethton clinches West with win or Johnson City loss. You can hear Pulaski go for the clinch at home tonight on Gameday Audio.

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