Post-deadline trades

It hasn’t been fast and furious, but there have been a few along the way here as teams make final adjustments for playoff pushes. Greg Maddux goes to LA for a pair of prospects to be named. I’m efforting to find out who they are, but chances we won’t know until after the season, when teams make their 40-man roster decisions and the like.

The other trade was Eddie Guardado heading back to Minnesota for a Minor Leaguer. That Minor Leaguer turned out to be Mark Hamburger, leading to the perfect line:  We’ll gladly pay you for Every Day with a Hamburger today. Can’t take credit for it —’s Jason Ratliff is the comedic genius behind the phrase…

I was all set to find out about Hamburger and what he’s about, but then I saw that Jamey Newberg did a better job then I ever could over on The Newberg Report. In a nutshell, he’s non-drafted free agent with a good arm out of the bullpen in the  lower level of the minors.  Read Jamey’s report for all the details, though…

Finally, I need to pat myself on the back a bit now. Ever since he made his big-league debut with the Mets in 2006, I’ve told anyone asking and willing to listen that if the Mets just let him pitch and left him alone, Mike Pelfrey would be just fine. Lo and behold, look at him now. Obviously, some coaching has helped as well, but he made adjustments and how his plus stuff is taking over. He’s got 13 wins and a 3.70 ERA with a month left in the season. It’s been under 3.00 over the past two months He’s not a rookie officially, but for me this is really his first full year and he’s turning into the top-of-the-rotation guy I thought he’d be. After back-to-back CG wins, it’s clear he’s the No. 2 on that staff behind Johan Santana. So to all you who doubted that (ahem, Casey Stern), I’m here to say I told you so…

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