AFL blog-o-rama and more cool stuff

Hey, folks, sorry I’ve not been on here in a while — been a crazy several weeks. Not a good excuse, but I’m back and hope to be more active now that exciting AFL action is about to begin.

With that in mind, I wanted to let you all know about a new wrinkle to our coverage: AFL blogs. The days of journals are gone with the dinosaurs (you know, those things Sarah Palin claims ran the earth in the 1920s…). Not only did we go out and try to find a few bloggers to discuss their experiences in the Arizona Fall League, we decided to try to find one for every MLB organization! That’s right 30 blogs for your reading pleasure (still working on securing all of them, but we will). We’ve got lead bloggers for each organization and we’ll work to get guest bloggers from each team to chip in as well to give you as robust a look at life in the AFL as anyone has ever seen.

Today, we kicked things off with the NL West and I’m happy and proud to link you up:

Diamondbacks: Lead blogger — Hector Ambriz
Dodgers: Lead blogger — Lucas May
Giants: Lead blogger — Kevin Pucetas
Padres: Lead blogger — Chad Huffman
Rockies: Lead blogger — Mike McKenry (We had some technical issues with this one, so look for his first post later on today)

Games kick off tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 7), so keep an eye out for all our great coverage at our AFL site.

In addition to the AFL stuff, we’ve also kicked off our annual organizational reviews and I must say that this year they look better than ever, from both an aesthetic and content perspective. Kevin Czerwinski kicks things off with our look at the Washington Nationals. One of the cooler things we’re doing this year is name organizational hitters and pitchers of the year in each review. For the Nats, it was Roger Bernadina and Jordan Zimmerman being so honored. To cap it off, Kevin C.’s has added “One More Thing” about the Nats on his excellent blog: Minor Leagues, Major Thoughts.

Tomorrow, we’ve got Kevin’s Mariners review. And I promise to have a lot more to say about the AFL and other things as we move forward from here. So welcome back, and if you’re a first-timer, thanks for checking this out… 

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