AFL Day 1: Star of the Day

Hey all —

I’m going to try and do this as frequently as I can (tomorrow, I won’t be able to due to Yom Kippur). But I didn’t want to miss out on awarding a B3 AFL Star of the Day after the first day of games.

After polling an esteemed panel, there seemed to be two good choices, both from the Peoriaaustin_jackson.jpg Javelinas and New York Yankees organization: Phil Hughes and Austin Jackson. The Javs beat up on the Rafters, 10-3. Hughes pitched very well (5 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 5 BB, 7 K) and it certainly is rare to see a pitcher in the AFL go five innings right off the bat. But in the end, the five walks made us tip the scale to Jackson, the outfielder who went 2-for-4 with a triple and four RBIs as the No. 3 hitter in the Javs lineup. So congrats, Austin, you’re our first Star of the Day for the 2008 AFL season.

We also had another slew of AFL blogs go up, with the NL Central representing well:

Cubs: Steve Clevenger
Reds: Drew Stubbs
Astros: Brian Bogusevic
Brewers: Taylor Green
Pirates: Jeff Sues
Cardinals: Jeff Fiske

The organizational reviews keep coming as well. Today, it’s the Padres system under review. Kevin C’s got “One More Thing” on the Padres over on his terrific blog.


I didn’t see any place to comment on your excellent Yom Kippur article on the Alvarez situation … so I’ll try it here. Looks like they’re all greedy Pharisees, doesn’t it? Each party is acting ruthlessly in their own narrow self-interest. But that’s what capitalism allows — heck, encourages !! — at least until the folks getting the shaft decide it’s not worth it to continue. Ugly and not pleasant.

Thanks for the comment — you can always hit the email link at the bottom of the story (my name) and send it to me. But glad you liked the take. Yeah, that wasn’t the best we’ve seen from baseball, but if something can be learned from it — like tighter explanations of the deadline process — then there’s a benefit.

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