And One More Thing … Orioles

Be sure to check out my review of the Orioles organization. We can’t cover everyone in that story, so we’re blogging just “one more thing” on a daily basis…

Back in 2006, the O’s took New Orleans-area infielder Ryan Adams in the second round of the draft. Not that he was forgotten, but he did start slowly, spending his first two seasons as a pro in short-season ball. A year ago, he hit just .236 in the NY-Penn League, so it’s not like the second baseman was forcing the organization’s hand at all.

Something clicked in this season, though. Making his full-season debut with Delmarva while turning 21 in April, Adams finished sixth in the South Atlantic League with a .308 average. He also slugged .462 and while that may not be Wieters-esque, it’s not bad for a young middle infielder. Adams finished the year with 11 homers, 26 doubles and five triples while also swiping a dozen bases. It should be interesting to see how he builds on that when he moves up to Frederick in 2009.


But how many errors did he have this year? Hehe


Yes, he had 52. And while there’s no way to dress that up, I encourage you to look at, say, Derek Jeter’s error total in his first season. No, Jeter’s not the greatest shortstop in the world, but I’d wager you’d take that kind of player at 2B, right? I’ll save you the trouble. Jeter had 56 errors in 1993, 25 the following year…

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