And One More Thing … Giants

You can check out my thoughts on the Giants organization here.

The Giants have been getting a lot of attention for their good young pitchers, and it’s well-deserved. The amazing thing is there’s more than most even realize, with young phenoms like Madison Bumgarner and Tim Alderson getting most of the attention (again, rightfully so).

That leaves a guy like lefty Jesse English in the shadows… and not even getting a mention in my review. Instead of explaining who he is, I suggest you read Lisa Winston’s terrific feature on him. In a nutshell: a 2002 draftee taken out of high school, has a litany of injury problems that keep him on the shelf a lot, cost him nearly two years of playing and had limited him to relief work in the past. Fast-forward to 2008, he joins the San Jose star-studded rotation, his first full-time gig in a full-season league, and promptly finished fourth in the California League in ERA (3.19 — Alderson and fellow Giant Kevin Pucetas finished 1-2), tied with Alderson for third in wins with 13 and third with 135 K’s (in 135 1/3 IP). He might get overlooked now, but if he keeps performing like this, he won’t be forgotten in the future.


Some may not known this but Jesse English was drafted the same year as Matt Cain and initially out-pitched Cain before the injuries derailed his career.

The Defender’s rotation in 2009 could be monster, with Alderson, English, Pucetas, Snyder, and probably Bumgarner. Plus, Clayton Tanner probably pitched well enough to make AA and most years Henry Sosa probably makes AA too.

Good point. That’s a dynamo rotation, but I wouldn’t put Sosa or Bumgarner there to start the season. Tanner should definitely make the rotation. Bumgarner, I’d expect, will force one of the APES (Alderson, Pucetas, English, Snyder) to move on to Fresno at some point during the year. Even though the season hasn’t started, I’d imagine Snyder to be the lead candidate to be called up to the Grizzlies.


We are stacked in terms of young starting pitching talent. This group will put up monster numbers in AA because of the pitcher friendly park, but unfortunately i won’t be able to drive an hour to watch Alderson pitch anymore. I hope Sabean doesn’t listen to those idiots who say we should sign CC for 20 million+ and block our young stars.

Im hearing that the giants might trade jonathan sanchez for jorge cantu so in that case signing sabathia might be a good idea.

If the janothan sanchez for jorge cantu trade happens then signing sabathia for 105 million for 5 years would be pretty smart.

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