The Marlins got who?

The Hot Stove season seems to be going full tilt now, doesn’t it, with trades being announced at a regular clip. The most recent deal was the one with the Marlins and Nats. And the biggest question is: Who did the Marlins get for Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham?

At first glance, the answer is: not much. You can read my breakdown of the trio of players the Marlins got in return. Of the three, Emilio Bonifacio is the only one who will help now, with Jake Smolinski and P.J. Dean still years away, having played short-season ball with a little taste of A ball. Smolinski’s out for 6-8 months following knee surgery. That’s not to say they won’t eventually be good players. Could this be one of those deals that 5 years from now people will look back at and have to re-evaluate? It’s possible, but it just doesn’t seem that way right now. Dean’s a nice pitcher, but not a front of the rotation type, no matter how well he develops. Smolinski, aside from being hurt, doesn’t have a real defensive home. Maybe he can be an offensive-minded second baseman one day, but he’s not the kind of impact bat — at least not now — that is coveted by an organization. I know the Nats were happy they didn’t have to give up any of their top 20 prospects to get this done, particularly getting the 24-year-old Olsen.

I know Olsen has had his ups and downs. But he’s 24, left-handed and has above-average stuff. The Nats did their homework about his attitude issues of the past and they’re confident he’s beginning to mature and that stuff is behind him. Lefties like Olsen don’t grow on trees, so you have to wonder that the Marlins couldn’t have gotten more for him from somewhere. Even from the Nats, was someone like Ross Detwiler completely off the table? If so, they should’ve looked elsewhere.

I know, I know. Maybe they did and this was the best they could do. And maybe Bonifacio, Smolinski and Dean will all be big leaguers. I generally trust what the Marlins do in terms of player personnel, but this one, I must admit, makes me scratch my head.

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