Vegas baby

It’s certainly an interesting locale for the Winter Meetings, isn’t it? I mean, where else could be better for wheeling and dealing?

Already one deal made — and I’ll be back with some detailed info on Guillermo Moscoso and Carlos Melo, the two Minor Leaguers sent to the Rangers for Gerald Laird — and I’m sure more to come. I’ll be providing analysis on any and all prospects involved in deals while were here.

And it doesn’t even have to be direct involvment. Think about the Edgar Renteria signing in San Francisco, announced a while back. That was, on the surface, just a free agent signing. But it does directly impact some young players in that system. So much for Emmanuel Burriss being the shortstop of the immediate future, right? Maybe now he gets a shot to play second base. If that’s the case, then what happens to Kevin Frandsen? Could there be a competition at second, or will Frannie have to battle it out with Eugenio Velez for a utility spot? Frandsen does have the ability to fill in at three infield position and probably would sell hot dogs if it meant he could help the team and get his name in the lineup. Should be an interesting spring there…

The other big rumor involving a young player so far has been Homer Bailey to the White Sox for Jermaine Dye. I know GM Walt Jocketty has denied it publicly, but don’t be shocked if Homer does get dealt at some point. Some folks I’ve talked to have told me that there is some truth to the Dye-for-Bailey rumor and here’s why: The Reds need a right-handed No. 3 hitter to put between the young guys (Votto and Bruce). Dye and Reds manager Dusty Baker know each other well and get along. The Reds are not sure Bailey will ever throw strikes consistently because of too much length in his arm action. That also might keep him from finding consistency with his breaking ball. Add into the mix that there’s pressure from Reds ownership on Jocketty to make something happen and it’s possible this isn’t done yet.

Plenty more later…

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