You like me, you really really like me

Well, at least a little. Imagine my surprise when, after a long trip home from the Winter Meetings, I see that there’s something called the MLBlogs Top 100. And lo and behold, among the MLB Pro Blogs, B3 has come in at No. 24 (between April 1 and now). It’s sometimes hard to tell how ol’ B3 is doing, but this is proof positive that we’ve got something going here. I was hoping to use the winter to come up with some good blog content and this provides pretty good motivation to do just that. My draft blog, MLB Geeking on the Draft, is kind of dormant these days, but thanks to the draft in June, some showcase reports and the signing deadline (thank you, Pedro Alvarez), it came in at No. 26. Look for news on a possible B3/Geeking merger in 2009.

Kudos to my colleagues and their strong showing. Lisa Winston’s Got MiLB? came in at No. 90 (with a bullet, I think. That one is on the come). And Ben Hill’s Ben’s Biz Blog is doing extremely well at No. 49. Nice job Ben! And while I certainly won’t take credit for them, I do take a certain pride in the fact that 13 AFL blogs finished in the top 100, and those only ran for about seven weeks, October-November. Throw in Brett Wallace’s draft blog making it as well as several other Minors-related blogs ranking well and it’s clear that prospecting blog-style is the way to go!

So expect some great things to come from B3 in the coming weeks. Got to get into the top 20 at least in 2009! Thanks for reading.

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