Scouting the Top 50: Kicking things off

I figured today was a terrific day to get back on the blogging saddle big-time. You see, 38 years ago today, a future Minor League reporter was born in Livingston, NJ. From humble beginnings… but I digress.

I’m sure my colleague LIsa Winston (gotmilb?) and I will have reports of some sort during and after the Rookie Career Development Program this coming weekend. For now, though, I wanted to kick off a series I’ll have over the next few weeks here on B3. As most of you probably know, we launched our latest Top 50 prospects list not that long ago. Well, thanks to some folks I know in the scouting industry, I’ve been able to cull together detailed scouting reports on all 50 of the prospects in the rankings. This is content you’re not going to see anywhere else, folks, so gather round, pull up a chair and enjoy.

50. Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Cubs
samardzija.jpgSeen: Late June

Fastball: 89-96 mph
Slider: 82-84 mph
Splitter: 82-85 mph

Arm works well with good slot for sinker-ball type pitcher. Good arm action from 3/4 slot. Shows big arm at times, hitting 96 mph with heavy fastball. Sink is inconsistent, but when on, it’s filthy. Slider is inconsistent, sometimes flat. Splitter has chance to be plus pitch, doesn’t always repeat mechanics. Arm and makeup could be suited for relief role.

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With Kerry Wood not being resigned by the Cubs, Samardzija’s days as a prospect are numbered. I don’t believe he will be “Rookie of the Year” or anything like that but the Cubs need someone to fill a set up role now that Marmol will be the closer. Samardzija worked respectfully out of the bullpen last year after being called up so we will have to see if the Cubs plan on using him there again this season. Either way, it appears he will most likely end up on the opening day roster.

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