Draft Alert: Showcase at Urban Youth Academy

This is an exciting time, my first official draft-related blog post since the big merger. Draft season is fast approaching. For the third straight season, The Urban Youth Academy Draft Showcase in Compton, Calif., is serving as a kind of kickoff event. Last year’s showcase included 2008 first-rounders like Kyle Skipworth and Aaron Hicks. Other high picks included Tyler Chatwood and Cutter Dykstra. Clearly, this is an event that you don’t want to miss.

This year’s showcase, as always run by the Major League Scouting Bureau, is set for Sunday, Feb. 8. Rosters are still tentative, but it’s already shaping up to have some of the top high school talent in the 2009 draft class on hand.  Using early rankings from our friends at Baseball America and Perfect Game, here’s the best of the 50 or so players tentatively planning to attend the showcase, which in the past has had 150 or so scouts on hand (I’m including the players who’s average ranking between the two is under 100):

Tyler Matzek, RHP: No. 1 among BA’s High School Top 100; No. 3 among PG’s High School Top 500. Average rank: 2
Matt Davidson, 3B: No. 16 on BA; No. 7 on PG. Average rank: 11.5
Jacob Marisnick, OF:
No. 21 on BA; No. 17 on PG. Average rank: 19
Jiovanni Mier, SS:
No. 13 on BA; No. 32 on PG. Average rank: 22.5
Chad Thompson, RHP:
No. 23 on BA; No. 26 on PG. Average rank: 24.5
Tyler Skaggs, LHP:
No. 8 on BA; No. 43 on PG. Average rank: 25.5
Matt Hobgood, RHP:
No. 22 on BA; No. 40 on PG. Average rank: 31
David Nick, 2B: No. 46 on BA; No. 21 on PG. Average rank: 33.5
Brooks Pounders, RHP/1B:
No. 66 on BA; No. 18 on PG. Average rank: 42
Cameron Garfield, C: No. 63 on BA; No. 73 on PG. Average  rank: 69
Jonathan Singleton, 1B: No. 78 on BA; No. 61 on PG. Average rank: 69.5

Others of note:  RHP Justin Bellez was No. 71 on BA and No. 156 on PG for an average rank of 113.5. … C/3B Nolan Arenado was No. 90 on BA and No. 148 on PG for an average rank of 119. … 3B/C Jonathan Meyer didn’t crack BA’s Top 100, but was No. 67 on the PG list. …  OF Jeffrey Gelalich wasn’t on the BA Top 100, but was No. 89 on the PG list. … 13 other players tentatively attending are on PG’s list in the 100-500 range.

I’ll be back with a new set of Top 50 scouting reports later today…

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Since he’s from your neck of the woods (PA), what can you tell us about Christian Walker from Kennedy-Kenrick HS? He recently put on a show winning the 3rd Annual International Power Showcase High School Home Run Derby at St. Petersburg’s Tropicana Field. However, I haven’t heard him mentioned in 2009 Draft prospect talks like Matt Davidson.

–Dennis from West Springfield,MA

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