Scouting the Top 50: 34-30

Before I get to the next round of reports, I wanted to clue everyone in on some great video content we have on the site. A couple weeks back, we went to the Rookie Career Development Program, a great program run in concert by Major League Baseball and the Players Association to help players who are close to being big-league ready (some have big league time) prepare for life in the big leagues (mostly off the field). We were there, camera in tow, and interviewed one player from each organization (each sends a few down). The results of our work can be found on this page:

Now on to the next set of scouting reports:

34. Yonder Alonso, 1B, Reds
yonder_alonso.jpgSeen: October (Hawaii Winter League)

Potentially plus hitting approach with easy hands. Aggressive with bat, can use big part of field. Swing can get loopy at times. Squares up well on strikes. Power will come. Profiles as middle-of-the-order run producer in future. Good glove, moves well around bag. Bat will carry him, won’t take long to be ready.

33. Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Mariners
phillippe_aumont.jpgSeen: April (Midwest League)

Fastball: 90-95 mph
Curve: 77-81 mph
Changeup: 86 mph

Terrific mound presence and size, nasty arm angle. More velocity to come in arm. Fastball bores in, runs hard and down. Breaking ball is hard, but inconsistent. Sometimes a curve, sometimes slider in terms of tilt. When he gets on top, it’s a plus pitch. Plus arm, with some tweaks to delivery, his stuff will be ready for next level.

32. Fernando Martinez, OF, Mets

Sorry, no scouting report on F-Mart as of right now, so we’ll move on…

31. Wade Davis, RHP, Rays
wade_davis.jpgSeen: July (Southern League)

Fastball: 89-93 mph
Curve: 74-80 mph
Changeup: 81-83 mph

Big guy with big arm. Power type pitcher. Delivery a little inconsistent. Some deception with quick arm. Throws strikes and gets ahead with fastball that has sink and tail. Not afraid to pitch inside. Big, hard, downer curve, sometimes has good bite. Keeps it down in zone for most part. Future Major League rotation.

30. Carlos Triunfel, SS, Mariners
carlos_triunfel.jpgSeen: July (California League) and October (Arizona Fall League)

Looks like a player, a young Miguel Tejada type. Can be erratic, but comes to play every day. Agressive at plate, will swing at anything. Slightly soft bat. Still young, power will come off as he matures. Decent runner. Plus arm. Good hands to play all over infield, feet need some work. Thick lower half may mean move to third, should have enough pop eventually to fit there.



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