Scouting the Top 50: 19-15

First off, the latest MLBlogs rankings are out. From Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, B3 has risen up to No. 19 on the Pro Blogs list. So thanks for that. Keep reading, and tell your friends. Lets keep B3 moving up the charts!!!

For your efforts, I give you the next set of scouting reports:

19. Buster Posey, C, Giants
buster_posey.jpgSeen: October (Hawaiian Winter League)

Great instincts and makeup. Natural leader. A little mechanical, but does everything right. Outstanding hitting approach, makes good adjustments. Can go other way when needed. Power will come. Moves well behind plate, will catch strikes. Arm works, fringe plus. Combination of bat and defense should make him solid-average to plus Major League backstop.

17. Trevor Cahill, RHP, A’s

trevor_cahill.jpgSeen: May (California Leauge) and August (Team USA)

Fastball: 87-92 mph
Curve: 75-79 mph
Slider: 80-85 mph
Changeup: 78-81 mph

Some effort to delivery, but doesn’t hurt location. Stiff front leg, snaps head on delivery at times. Good late sinking movement. Gets groundballs. Stays down in zone. OK curve, good rotation. Slider is slurvy, throws for strikes, very effective vs. right-handed hitters. Flashes good changeup with sink. Aggressive, works fast. Solid Major League starter in future.

16. Chris Tillman, RHP, Orioles
chris_tillman.jpgSeen: April (Eastern League)

Fastball: 89-94 mph
Curve: 77-79 mph
Changeup: 79-81 mph

Tall and lanky. Power-style starting pitcher. A lot going on in delivery, arm action hooks and wraps at times. Command is spotty. When off, wildness streaks. When on, it’s pinpoint. Goes after hitters with cutting fastball. Three-quarter curve is plus at times. Future in big-league rotation.

15. Dexter Fowler, OF, Rockies
dexter_fowler.jpgSeen: June (Texas League) and August (Team USA)

Toolsy outfielder with a ton of athletic ability and a body to dream on. Plus defense now, glides with long strides. Good routes, outruns gaps and covers a lot of ground. Can turn and go. Good arm, accurate with carry. Good idea at plate from both sides. Stronger from right side, with some pull power. More power will come as he matures. Long swing at times from both sides, but cuts down with two strikes. Will make things happen. High ceiling.


I’m a big Giants fan and can’t wait to see Buster Posey in the pro’s. Keep up the great blogs!

~King of Cali

I’m also a big Giants fan. Thanks for the scouting report, nice to see that the scouts continue to like Posey after his short stint as a pro so far.

I’m excited that he’s a natural leader, we will have a young rotation for years to come of great pitchers, and he can lead them to greatness hopefully.

Also, good to see that he can make adjustments. That’s key to making the majors, being able to make adjustments to the adjustments pitchers make against you.

Very good to see that power will come. Though he did show some power in his short time in the pro ranks, he had a .271 ISO between Salem-Keizer and the Giants rookie league team, though not so great in Hawaiian, I guess that is what the scout meant, his ISO was a sad 54 there. Between all three stops, that worked out to a .342 BA, .468 SLB, 126 ISO, which is OK but not great.

Say, you have Bumgarner #6, Posey #19, Villalona #47. Where did/would Tim Alderson fit, 51-60? 61-75? 76-100?

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