Scouting the Top 50: 9-5

Getting down to the good stuff here, into single digits…

9. Neftali Feliz, RHP, Rangers
neftali_feliz.jpgSeen: June (Midwest League)

Fastball: 93-99 mph
Curveball: 74-82 mph
Slider: 86-88 mph
Changeup: 82-87 mph

Plus arm speed helps him throw 96 mph consistently. Throws strikes with fastball, sometimes gets too much of plate. Breaking pitches are developing, didn’t throw them with confidence in this outing. Changeup is outstanding, falls of table. Small mechanical flaw when he flies open and shows the ball too soon. Can be corrected. Franchise-type arm with plenty in there for starting role.

8. Alcides Escobar, SS, Brewers
alcides_escobar.jpgSeen: May (Southern League)

Good understanding of strike zone, battler at the plate, a tough out. More strength to come than you’d think as he matures. Glove will get him there, sets him apart. Easy arm strength with plus accuracy. Good reads in field, gets in position. Future major contributor as every-day shortstop in Major Leagues.

7. Travis Snider, OF, Blue Jays
travis_snider.jpgSeen: June (Eastern League)

Thick frame, but surprising agility and quickness for his size. Bat with plenty of pull power. Begins and remains open. Very patient at plate, waits for strike. Upper-cut on swing, swings hard. Makes consistent hard contact with home run pop. Steady in outfield, with decent jumps and routes. Profiles as Major League power bat.

6. Madison Bumgarner, LHP, Giants
madison_bumgarner.jpgSeen: May (South Atlantic League)

Fastball: 89-94 mph
Slider: 77-82 mph
Changeup: 77-78 mph

Fastball consistently 91-93 mph with tail. Can cut it as additional weapon. Good location, not afraid to go upstairs with it. Smooth delivery, fastball gets on hitter in a hurry. Slider is hard and down, almost a  power curve action to it. Didn’t need changeup much, it’s a work in progress. Some small mechanical flaws, but nothing major to worry about.

5. Cameron Maybin, OF, Marlins
cameron_maybin.jpgSeen: May (Southern League)

Lengthy approach when making contact. Very strong wrists, shows power to all fields. Aggressive looking for fastballs, prone to chasing and pullling off contact. Will have to adjust to reach potential. Gets out of box quickly. Effortless in outfield. Regular, every-day center fielder in future.

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