Disco Hayes

That’s right, you read right. But what is Disco Hayes, you ask? I’ll tell you.

It’s the new blog from Royals Minor League reliever Chris Hayes. Some of you might remember Chris’s ridiculously funny guest blog from the Arizona Fall League. Even if you didn’t read that one, you’ll want to make Disco Hayes a regular stop in your trip ’round the ‘net.

I think it’s safe to say that you’ll get perhaps the most unique perspective about life in the Minors from the submariner. So check it out now and welcome him back to MLBlogs. It’s a great way to start the day.

Just so’s you know, we’re efforting to get 30 Minor League player blogs going during 2009, one for each organization, kind of like we did during the AFL. So stay tuned for more info on those in the near future…


Thanks for the heads up Jonathan! Chris already has 17 comments logged in on his first post. For those who haven’t clicked over, here’s my favorite section:
“My calves are really the one and only attribute of my body people might look at in a body catalog and want to order for themselves. My ankles are skinny and athletic-looking and my calves are well defined. Analysts typically wear long pants, so I’m still able to pull off the look without problems, but from the knee down I’m pretty proud of my body. On to examine the masterpiece …”
Looks like we’re in for some fun summer reading! . . .BeesGal
The Sporkball Journals

Disco – congrats on your first AAA win today against the Zeyphrs! I was cheering in the stands yelling “disco!!” Hope you enjoy Magazine St tonight.


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