Draft Aft: An Update

I know, don’t be too shocked. But I had a few moments of down time while covering the Reds to throw up some draft tidbits. It’s not much, but hopefully it’ll keep you going until the next random time I can hop on here and talk draft.

First off, my latest Draft Report is up and ready for your perusal. Be sure to go to the landing page if you’ve missed any of the previous ones. We’ve got 32 in total to date, not too shabby considering it’s still March.

A couple of bits of information I’ve gathered along the way lately…

  • USC shortstop Grant Green, who I’ll have a report on next week, came out of a game earlier this week with an ankle injury. He was seen wearing a boot afterwards, which had some concerned. But from everything I’ve heard, it was just a precaution. He didn’t play in Wednesday’s doubleheader against Brown — which USC swept — but it seemed probable that he’d be in the lineup this weekend against ASU.
  • Scott Griggs, a high school right-hander in Northern California who was an AFLAC All-American last summer, has been dealing with a blister problem. That’s nothing serious, obviously, but it’s kept him from throwing enough for scouts to get a really good read on how he looks this spring.
  • Speaking of USC-ASU… how about this for a Friday night matchup: ASU’s Mike Leake vs. USC’s Brad Boxberger. That’s about as good a matchup as you can hope for at this point of the season.
  • Stephen Strasburg, the consensus top talent in the draft, will pitch against a tough TCU team. The game’s in Fort Worth and it should be his toughest test to date, as he’s been putting up video game numbers so far this season.

Well, that felt good to get a little info out there. I can’t promse I’ll be able to do much of this draft stuff until my Spring Training duties are over, but know it’s not from lack of effort.


We’ll be waiting with bated breath! lol!


I would be curious to know what sort of talk is buzzing around about Ackley? Going into the year his draft position was very dependent on whether he could handle CF or not. Don’t get me wrong, everyone knows he is one heck of a hitter but his profile in CF looks better to most then it does at 1B if you get what I’m saying. So do you get a feeling Ackley is a top 5 pick still regardless of position or is his lack of time in CF hurting his draft stock at all?

Another player that is interesting is Robert Stock who is a bit of an enigma at this point. Coming out of HS early, there was an awful lot of talk about the potential he had and what he might become but I would imagine most see his collegiate career as a disappointment. Where do you see him going and do you still see the potential?

Thanks in advance.

What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yuroself?

Jfish — I’ll try to get to your questions tomorrow (Wednesday) in the blog.

OK thanks.

Can you provide me with a link when you get to them? I would appreciate that. Keep up the good work!

…unless of course you mean this blog? The only other blog I knew about was Geeking on the Draft but it seemd to have stopped since the merger. Anyhow thanks again in advance.

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