Waiting out the rain

Back at PNC Park tonight — I’ve got Marlins duty the next three days. I hear they’re off to a good start. Of course, I’ll only have something to cover if it ever stops raining here. I’m not too confident, but we’ll see.

It does give me some time to hop back on here, though. First, congrats to jfish — I was indeed talking about ASU’s Mike Leake. He had another strong start on Friday. It’ll be interesting to see when he goes and who will look past his size to take the arm.

As for jfish’s questions about Ackley, I haven’t seen him enough or asked about his ability to play second. But arm strength isn’t really a problem. His arm is just fine and will continue to get better as he gets further removed from Tommy John. There isn’t concern about it long-term. It’s just that his speed would play better in center and his bat doesn’t profile as well to first, at least not in terms of power.

Couple of Minors notes… Our first Minor League Week in Review is up. Good stuff by Lisa Winston, so check it out. Fantasy fans can also peruse our second in tandem Futures Exchange , where we were all about the long ball.

OK, game under-way here, believe it or not. I hope to be back soon.


I’m surprised the game started! Stay dry!


Thanks for answering my questions.
I find Ackley a very intriguing bat. I can’t remember where I read it but someone put a Tony Gwynn comp on him which almost seems sacrilegious but intriguing never the less. If his bat is as special as everyone seems to think and he can end up somewhere that isn’t 1B/LF then I think he has a real chance to be something special.

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