Minors stuff and some shameless self-promotion

Hey all. Just wanted to pass some info along.

First, the shameless self-promotion. I made my debut on MLB Network last night, talking with Victor Rojas about some of the top prospects in the game. I know all of you saw it already or TiVO’ed it or something, but in case some of you didn’t manage to catch it, you can watch it here.

I got to talk up Derek Holland some, which was nice. Like I said, look for him in that Rangers rotation soon. If you’re a fan of his, then you’ll want to check out what Scott Lucas did in breaking down Holland’s Major League debut. Very cool stuff. Scott does an excellent job covering the very deep Rangers system for the Newberg Report.

Some other things I’ve noticed…

Anyone see what Lonnie Chisenhall did over a couple of games recently? Grand slams in back-to-back games, then another HR in day three? That’s 3 HR and 13 RBIs over three games. That’s a good week for most hitters. He’s got a nine-game hitting streak going. All you historians out there — can anyone tell me the last time any professional hitter, at any level, hit grand slams in back-to-back games like that?

Aaron Poreda showed why the White Sox are excited about him with an 11-K performance for Birmingham last night. It was by far, the best of his three starts. I’m glad the ChiSox sent him down to start, rather than keep him in the bullpen. Maybe he ends up as a reliever long-term, but let him start until he shows he can’t do it anymore.. and we’re far from being at that point.

And finally, from the, umm, dog day afternoon file, I leave you with the unusual story of the first dog to be ejected from a game. Benjamin Hill was all over the story, like flies on…well, you’ll get the idea when you read it.

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Read the story over at Ben’s yesterday. Still ewww.. And nice job on MLB Network.


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