Minors Monday Madness

OK, not really madness, but I like the alliteration. When you take the initials, you can say, “mmm…” And who doesn’t think that when contemplating Minor League baseball?

Anyway, a couple things I wanted to point out to you. As most of you know, we’ve got a bunch of Minor Leaguers blogging for us this year, 23 in total. We’ve created a nifty (and when I say we, I can’t take any credit whatsoever for it) landing page for one-stop shopping. So go often to see who’s checking in from down on the farm.

It was a small transaction, a blip for most people:

New York Yankees released RHP Humberto Sanchez.

The Yankees needed room on the 40-man roster and, frankly, Sanchez couldn’t stay healthy. He missed a year with Tommy John surgery, then had shoulder problems. He pitched in the Arizona Fall League and even blogged for us. He’s a great guy. Here’s hoping he lands on his feet, gets healthy and gets up on the mound again soon.

Game of the day: I’m going to try to do this as often as I’m able. For today (Monday), it’s a fairly easy pick — Omaha at Oklahoma City in the first game of a doubleheader. At 6:05 p.m. ET, you’ve got Luke Hochevar vs. Neftali Feliz. You can listen to the game on Gameday Audio and you have a choice: Oklahoma City’s broadcasters or the voices of the Omaha Royals. Hochevar has been outstanding back down in Triple-A, while Feliz has been erratic. Still, an electric arm like that isn’t one you should pass up following and a good pitching matchup like this at the upper levels isn’t all that common. So call home and tell the family you’ve got a late meeting (for those of you on the east coast… you west coasters have nothing to worry about) and tune in.

Last thing. This week’s Futures Exchange is now up for your viewing pleasure. Read it now so you’re smarter than everyone else in your fantasy league. Seriously. Guaranteed or your money back.

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Thanks for the links to all the prospects.


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