Draft Aft: Strasburg is good

With our draft section officially launching today, I wanted to let you know that B3 is going to be very draft focused from now until after the June 9 Draft. I’ll try to do some Minors stuff here and there, but don’t count on it.

So, I was in San Diego on Friday. As luck would have it, Stephen Strasburg was pitching for San Diego State, so I figured I’d go have a look-see. He was kind enough to throw a no-hitter against Air Force, striking out 17 and never really being challenged. Now, with all due respect to Air Force, they are not a good baseball team. But tossing a no-no against metal bats is still pretty impressive in my book. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Toby Wachter over at Upper Deck was live blogging throughout the game. Not that there was any question about the Nats taking the guy, but most of the braintrust was in attendance, including acting GM Mike Rizzo and scouting director Dana Brown. Against a bad team, they’re going to be looking at things like command and location, and Strasburg was pretty locked in. He probably had his best stuff in the ninth and was still throwing 97 mph in that final inning. That’s the kind of thing an MLB team would look at. No triple-digits, but who cares, really?

Other things of note:

The Indy Leaguers:  Both Tanner Scheppers and Aaron Crow threw on Sunday for their respective independent league teams. Scheppers had been generating a ton of buzz this spring with how he’s thrown, but while he was lighting up the radar gun for the St. Paul Saints, he was giving up five runs on five hits over five innings. Guess how many he struck out — that’s right, five. Crow, pitching for the Ft. Worth Cats, tossed four scoreless frames, allowing two hits and striking out two. Both could figure prominently in the top of the first round.

Best performance by a non-Strasburg college righty: A lot of the top arms were only so-so, but here’s one that really stood out. One is ASU’s Mike Leake, who continued his outstanding junior season by tossing seven shutout innings against Winthrop on Friday.  He walked none and struck out eight. For the season,  he’s 12-1 with a 1.47 ERA. He’s got 104 K’s (vs. only 18 BB) in 97 2/3 IP while hitters have managed just a .179 batting average against him.

Bounce-back start?: Vandy’s Mike Minor has had an up-and-down year. He didn’t start on Friday this weekend, and even with his most recent start, he’s just 5-4 with a 3.72 ERA on the season. One start does not a hot streak make — he was pretty bad a week ago at South Carolina — but against a very good Georgia team on Saturday, the lefty went the distance, allowing two runs and striking out 12.  He’s got one more regular-season start, against Tennessee. If he can pitch well there and then put together a strong peformance in front of a lot of eyes at the SEC tournament, he could climb further up draft boards.

Much more to come…


Hi Jonathan,
I just called Lindquist Field in Ogden, where the University of Utah will host San Diego State later this week. According to the front office, Strasburg is scheduled to pitch Thursday, 6pm.
BTW, For any of you living in Salt Lake, TRAX FrontRunner train drops you off at Wall Avenue, one block from the ballpark. See you there! . . .BeesGal

I know the Nats will take Strasburg, I just hope that is a good place for him to grow and mature as a baseball player.


I know Strasburg is a beast and everyone is falling in love with him but at what point do people need to curb their enthusiasm and expectations? I’ve read on 3 or 4 sites that his mechanics show series red flags for future shoulder/elbow problems and he has pitching a lot of innings over the past couple of seasons. Gwynn himself said that any team that drafts him needs to be patient and should shut him down whether he signs early or not. His demands have been well known and could top $50 million dollars. Is there a point you back away a little? At least in the hopes that his demands drop?


The top of that article expresses my concern, I’ve heard some say Strasburg could be the best draft prospect during the draft era but there is considerable risk associated with him. It’s to bad you can’t trade picks because I think this is a situation where the Nationals would be wise to trade down, get someone like Purke + additional picks and save the money. I’m just afraid they will go cheap on pick 10 because of Strasburg’s demands and their organization really can’t afford to blow this pick in my eyes.

how far has ben tootle (jacksonville state) dropped this season? he was a first round projection prior to the season on some boards.

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