Kyle Gibson update

I’m still trying to figure out the balance. Do I post draft notes on Twitter, then here? Or here, then Twitter? In this case, the update came first on Twitter @JonathanMayoB3.

It seems that Missouri right-hander Kyle Gibson has paid a visit to the Cincinnati Reds for a meeting/workout/medical exam. Two weeks ago this wouldn’t seem like much as Gibson was a sure-fire top 10 pick and might not have gotten to the Reds at 10. But his velocity dropped over his last 2 starts and the word was he had some forearm tightness. And that sets off alarms because it’s often a precursor to elbow trouble.

No word yet what the results of said meeting/exam were, but suffice to say that Gibson is under consideration for Cincy at No. 8.


HmM yea hes Good…

I’m curious, how do you compare the risk of taking Gibson with the risk of taking Scheppers last year?

I was talking with the guys over at Project Prospect and they seem to not be worried at all about Scheppers shoulder but are completely off Gibson. They said both have flaws in their mechanics leading to injuries but that they feel more confident in Scheppers because they believe his injury last year was not structural or a complete tear while Gibson’s is much more serious.

What do you make of the two and the risk associated with them? How much stock do you put in pitching mechanics when weighing the values of players when coming up with your draft board?

This where scouting frustrates me a little. Owners pay 100 million dollar contracts to a MLB star. Then when the player goes down. Well, life is tough but we need to rehab him back to shape. Keep the faith. Rah Rah MLB star your the greatest

Next Scenario, A college player who we know has proved himself in college ranks but has an injury weeks yet days before the draft. Now his draft status is questionable. Well he is a high risk. What a crock.

Now Gibson starts getting lower bids because of his “unfortunate” injury. He dominated all season!! Man up MLB and pay the premium for a premium player!

A kid who has good build, character, great arm who maybe put a way few too many pitches in to carry his team. Integrity folks! I guarantee you pay slot money to this kid.. you will get your money’s worth in the 1st round. The way people gripe about injury is deplorable. The minors are a crap shoot! Nothing is quaranteed but you are going to knock a premium arm? I would hate to be the team that told him 2 days ago they were going to draft him but now is going to shun him. That team will be taking some L’s in the bigs later.

That doesn’t seem entirely fair. Look, I agree many these kids pretty much get screwed with the current system but I don’t think you can fault MLB teams for trying to lower their risk. Gibson’s mechanics have clear flaws, he just happens to have an injury some predicted could happen due to those flaws…of course this is going to raise concerns. My biggest problem with the situation is Gibson gets penalized for being abused by his coaches which is why the NCAA should step in or MLB should stop worrying about college baseball when developing their rules. I just don’t see how you can fault a MLB team for lowering their offer or dropping him down a few slots because of an injury that could clearly pose a considerable threat to his career if it is indeed a stress fracture in his elbow.

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