Doing a good deed

So often in sports, we pay too much attention to the negative, the positive tests, the police blotter. Today, I thought I’d accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. I’m not trying to get up on a soapbox here, but thought a ray of sunshine here and there could do all of us some good.

A while back, I wrote a story about former Marlins draft pick Garrett Berger and while he was no longer playing, he had found an interesting way to stay connected to the game by running a new company called, an online venture to bring professional-level equipment to players who didn’t previously have access to it.

I’m not mentioning him now just to bring up his business venture. I love it when someone uses his business and his contacts in the game to make a difference. Berger has done that on two occasions. First, and quietly, he sent a message to the various companies he works with about donating merchandise and equipment for the Mike Coolbaugh Memorial Tournament (the folks at Akadema Pro, Old Hickory Bats and Fatheadz, Inc. have stepped up in a big way on that front). Read my post about the Tournament here — there’s still plenty of time to sign up and/or donate.

Had that been it, it would have been plenty. But back on June 19, Berger and iFungo announced they were teaming up with USA Cares, a charity for military families in need. They are selling iFungo Ordinance Bats, which feature a stars and stripes logo and you can have the bat personalized to honor someone close to you who’s serving this country in the military. The best part? Fifty percent of the profits go right to USA Cares.

OK, I’ll get back to my usual stuff on draft signings and the like shortly, but I really felt Berger’s efforts needed a little more of a spotlight. Thanks.


Thank you for letting us know about iFungo and Garrett Berger. We need to hear about the good in baseball.


Leave it to Berger to build it and leave it to Mayo to write about it. The world seems a little bit brighter after reading about it. Nice job, men.

Todd Civin

Leave it to Berger and iFungo to build it and leave it to Mayo to write about it. The world seems brighter already.

Nice work guys,

Todd Civin

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