First round update

With the White Sox officially signing No. 23 pick Jared Mitchell, that brings the total of first-rounders who have signed to an even dozen. Here’s the latest info, with links to the stories that have been written about their pro debuts, of course (reported bonus figures are included):

1. Stephen Strasburg, Washington — unsigned
2. Dustin Ackley, Seattle — unsigned
3. Donavan Tate, San Diego — unsigned
4. Tony Sanchez, Pittsburgh — $2.5 million
(Hitting .333 over 10 total games — 12-for-36, now with Class A West Virginia)
5. Matt Hobgood, Baltimore — $2.42 million
6. Zack Wheeler, San Francisco — unsigned
7. Mike Minor, Atlanta — unsigned
8. Mike Leake, Cincinnati — unsigned (though apparently he’s close)
9. Jacob Turner, Detroit — unsigned
10. Drew Storen, Washington — $1.6 million
(5.59 ERA in 7 games — 3.86 in three July outings — 14 K, 0 BB in 9.2 IP)
11. Tyler Matzek, Colorado — unsigned
12. Aaron Crow, Kansas City — unsigned
13. Grant Green, Oakland — unsigned
14. Matt Purke, Texas — unsigned
15. Alex White, Cleveland — unsigned
16. Bobby Borchering, Arizona — unsigned
17. A.J. Pollock, Arizona — $1.4 million
(.351 in 9 games — 13-for-37, 2 steals)
18. Chad James, Florida — unsigned
19. Shelby Miller, St. Louis — unsigned
20. Chad Jenkins, Toronto — unsigned
21. Jiovanni Mier, Houston — $1.358 million
22. Kyle Gibson, Minnesota — unsigned
23. Jared Mitchell, Chicago (AL) — $1.2 million
(Should be making his debut today)
24. Randal Grichuk, Los Angeles (AL) —
(.283 in 12 games — 15-for-53, 3 2B, 2 3B)
25. Mike Trout, Los Angeles (AL) — $1.215 million
(.571 in 4 games — 8-for-14, 1 2B, 2 3B, 2 SB)
26. Eric Arnett, Milwaukee — $1.2 million
(4.1 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 4 ER, 4 BB, 3 K)
27. Nick Franklin, Seattle — unsigned
28. Reymond Fuentes, Boston — $1.13 million
(6-for-10 in three games)
29. Slade Heathcott, New York (AL) — unsigned
30. LeVon Washingotn, Tampa — unsigned
31. Brett Jackson, Chicago (NL) — $972,000
(.400 in 8 games — 12-for-30, 2 3B, 8 RBIs)
32. Tim Wheeler, Colorado — $900,000
(.276 in 14 games — 16-for-58, 1 HR, 9 RBIs, 3 SB)

I think if and when Leake signs, assuming he’s the first of the college arms to go, that will lead to a domino effect with a bunch of the other college pitchers who are still unsigned.

Once we get past the Futures Game, I’ll try to get back to track down the first rounders and talk to them about their debuts. I owe you stories on Pollock, Mitchell (assuming he plays today),Trout, Fuentes, Jackson and Wheeler.  Hobgood, too, if/when he pitches for the first time.


This is great info, thanks!

Any idea when Wheeler might sign? Hobgood already signed for something close to last year’s slot of $2.5M, and the Giants had not had a problem with doing that previously (they signed Lincecum to the slot for the prior year as that year also had the 10% drop), so I thought that Wheeler would have signed by now for around $2.4M, which is the slot for last year’s #6.

In interviews, not that it was that in-depth, but Wheeler did not seem to be one to fight for more than slot, and thus I thought he would sign quickly.

But now that’s it’s taking a while, I guess my assumptions were wrong.

Thanks for the summary Jonathan. The only one I have seen play in person on this list is Jiovanni Mier and I noticed you left off his stats. He is hitting an even .300 (15-for-50) in 12 games for the Greeneville Astros in the Appalachian League.

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