First look at Futures Game starting lineups

Here they are. Look for my full preview on soon.

1.  Eric Young Jr., 2b

2.  Desmond Jennings, CF

3.  Brett Wallace, 3B

4.  Chris Carter, 1B

5.  Pedro Alvarez, DH

6.  Chris Heisey, LF

7.  Tyler Flowers, C

8.  Jason Heyward, RF

9.  Danny Espinosa, SS

SP: Chris Tillman


1.  Alcides Escobar, SS

2.  Tyson Gillies, RF

3.  Alex Liddi, 3B

4.  Barbaro Canizares, 1B

5.  Miguel Montero, C

6.  Nick Weglarz, LF

7.  Brett Lawrie, DH

8.  Wilmer Flores, 2B

9.  Luis Durango, CF

SP: Junichi Tazawa


It should be a great game.


great game and it looks to be a great future in the mlb. tons of true talent displad today

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