Area Code Games

OK, so I’m a little bit behind. Been a little busy, on my behalf, what with the Draft deadline and all. In case you missed it, some guy named Stephen Strasburg got a lot of money. My recap on the craziness that was deadline day can be found here

Now it’s time to play a little catch up. The Area Code Games are held annually in Long Beach, Calif., and they are typically chock full o’ talent. And it always draws plenty of scouts. Here are some names of players who stood out at the event, which covered about five days earlier this month, in no particular order:

Stefan Sabol, C: Scouts really liked the way he swung the bat and he had good athletic skills as well. One felt he was better at this point than Devin Mesoraco was, and he ended up a first-round pick in 2007.

Tyrell Jenkins, RHP: Tall and projectable, veyr athletic. Was up to 93 mph and easy to dream on him throwing a lot harder in the future. Two breaking balls and both could be good ones. Threw strikes at this event.

Drew Vettleson, OF:  Good bat, tools a little fringy. Not typical aproach, but hit ball hard with consistency
Josh Sale, OF: Another good bat. Other tools aren’t as good. Excellent bat speed, good strength to swing.

Some other names: Dylan Bundy RHP; Archie Bradley, RHP; Tyler Kuresa, 1B; Anthony Wolters, SS; Austin Wilson, OF; AJ Vanegas, RHP; Aaron Sanchez, RHP

The AFLAC All-American Game was held this past weekend. I’ll have some info on that tomorrow. 

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