Player of the Year talk, anyone?

With the conclusion of Tuesday night’s Triple-A National Championship Game (previously the Bricktown Showdown), the 2009 Minor League season is now complete.

To me, that means it’s open season on discussing Player and Pitcher of the Year awards. We will be announcing our overall choices later on this fall, as well as make picks for each organization in our annual reviews, but I figured why not see what Minor League fans are thinking. In this post, we’ll talk about Player of the Year (hitters only). A subsequent post will deal with pitchers.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’m going to list some candidates. You can vote for one, or suggest someone I’ve forgotten, in the comments. Sound good? OK, here goes:

Chris Carter, 1B, A’s: .328, 28 HR, 115 RBIs, .422 OBP, .570 SLG
Led Minors in hits (179)
Tied for first in total bases (310)
2nd in RBIs (115)
Tied for 2nd in extra-base hits (73)
3rd in runs scored (115)

Koby Clemens, C, Astros: .341, 22 HR, 123 RBIs, .415 OBP, .620 SLG
4th in batting average (.341)
1st in RBIs (123)
Tied for 3rd in doubles (45)
Tied for 2nd in extra-base hits (73)
2nd in SLG (.620)

Grant Desme, OF, A’s: .288, 31 HR, 89 RBIs, 40 SB, .365 OBP, .568 SLG
Only player in Minor Leagues to have 30-30 season
Tied for 5th in HR (31)
Tied for 8th in extra-base hits (68)
Sixth in total bases (276)

Jonathan Gaston, OF, Astros: .278, 35 HR, 35 HR, 100 RBIs, 14 SB, .367 OBP, .598 SLG
Tied for 1st in HR (35)
14th in RBIs (100)
2nd in triples (15)
1st in extra-base hits (81)
1st in runs scored (119)
Tied for 1st in total bases (310)
4th in SLG (.598)

Keep in mind things like league (lots of California League guys — it’s nice to hit in Lancaster, Mr. Gaston!) and things of that nature. And if there’s someone you think belongs but isn’t here, go ahead and write him in. Let the voting begin!

Alex Liddi, 3B, Mariners: .345, 23 HR, 104 RBIs, .411 OBP, .594 SLG
Led Minors in average (.345)
Tied for 8th in RBIs (104)
Tied for 6th in doubles (44)
Tied for 4th in extra-base hits (72)
4th in total bases (293)
6th in SLG (.594)

Buster Posey, C, Giants: .325, 18 HR, 80 RBIs, .416 OBP, .531 SLG
14th in OBP
Threw out over 46% of would-be base-stealers


Uhh, Jason Heyward…

Uhh, then none of the above? Carter is by far the best choice of the ones listed above. Am I really reading Koby Clemens name on this list?

Desmond Jennings.

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