Rule 5 extravaganza

The Rule 5 Draft begins on Thursday at 9 a.m. ET. All signs point to it not being the strongest crop in the world, but there’s been plenty of activity recently in terms of names being mentioned, trades, etc. Consider this your warehouse for our Rule 5 content, with links to all of our Rule 5-related stories below.

First read is the Rule 5 Names to Know story recently posted on

Now, the latest buzz…

The name being mentioned most often in the top spot is still Marlins OF John Raynor. An interesting rumor is that the Yankees (they’re technically getting the pick from the Nats in the Bruney trade) will have the Nats take their own player, lefty reliever Zach Kroenke, to give back to them. … The Pirates were going to take someone at No. 2 and it seemed like they were looking at a position player. There was some buzz about it being a catcher, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. …   The Royals, it seemed, were contemplating making room on their 40-man to make a pick at No. 4, with a lefty reliever being a possibility. Maybe that could be Kroenke if he’s available. … Cleveland has the No. 5 selection and might be looking at pitching. Maybe Diamondbacks RHP Hector Ambriz would be a fit there. … Word is the Diamondbacks are looking at a reliever with the sixth pick. I’m digging for a name. … Technically, the Astros have the No. 8 pick, but the selection will be sent to the Marlins as the player to be named later in the Matt Lindstrom deal.

That’s it for now. Look for more updates all night via my twitter account @JonathanMayoB3.

Now, for some links:

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