Top 50 Preview: Guest rankings No. 1

About a week ago, I urged folks to send in their own thoughts on who the top prospects in baseball are as we head toward the 2010 season. If you had a website or blog or some such venue that you use to wax eloquent about baseball and/or the Minor Leagues, I said I’d be happy to provide a free plug and link. (I’m still accepting lists if people are interested. All you have to do is email it to me.)

With my Top 50 list set to be unveiled on Wednesday evening (MLB Network, 8 p.m. ET, then on right after the show airs), it’s time to let some other folks shine for a little bit. First up, Mike Newman.

Mike runs a terrific site called Scouting the Sally. On it, he provides reports aplenty, with video and analysis, of all the great prospects who troll the South Atlantic League (He can also be followed on Twitter @ScoutingtheSAL). For our purposes here, he branched out and gave his self-described high-ceiling, big tools bias a go on putting together a Top 30. Here it is:

RE: Top 30 Prospects1. Jason Heyward
2. Stephen Strasburg
3. Desmond Jennings
4. Jesus Montero
5. Mike Stanton
6. Neftali Feliz
7. Carlos Santana
8. Brian Matusz
9. Buster Posey
10. Justin Smoak
11. Pedro Alvarez
12. Dustin Ackley
13. Madison Bumgarner
14. Martin
15. Alcides Escobar
16. Fernando Martinez
17. Aroldis Chapman
18. Domonic Brown
19. Wade Davis
20. Casey Kelly
21. Jeremy Hellickson
22. Chris
23. Ryan Westmoreland
24. Brett Wallace
25. Hector Rondon
26. Dan Hudson
27. Jhoulys Chacin
28. Kyle Drabek
29. Logan Morrison
30. Matt Moore

So, what do you guys think? Leave comments here or go tell Mike directly. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. I’m not going to say too much because I don’t want to give away too much about what my list will look like on Wednesday (don’t you love how I build the suspense?). I will say that when he told me he was a big raw tools type, I did expect to see more of that type on this list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty solid. Just not exactly what I thought.

I should have another list to post on Friday or so.


love Mike’ work on STS.But identicle to other top 50 or less. No Jaff Decker. You guys are going to undervalue this kid all the way to the 2016 all star game.

Hard to put a guy whose highest level is A in the top 30. Decker has been impressive, but to get into the top 30 we will need to see the same bat we have seen at A in Advanced A. Stras, Ackley, and Chapman are there because of they were #1, #2, and the top IFA signings in 2009/2010.


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